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Thursday, 24 September 2009 |


God, I was so bored today, I decided to start a blog. And hopefully, I will keep at it >< http://www.dannychoo.com/. I love looking at all the pictures of new figures and his Daughters (the dollfies) ^^ And, of course, all the news about Japan.
In other news, my lovely Nik ordered me the LOVELIEST of little nendoroids.
Meet Miss Miyuki Takara. My very own Lucky Star nendoroid ^^ She's soooooooo adorable!
She comes with a little chair, her bag, a replacement arm and a different facial expression.

I also plan to buy this Miyuki from Ebay, I'm not sure she is genuine but I can't find one from a listed seller so I shall have to do with the one from Ebay.

And I'm ordering this one from JBox in a few weeks. She is a real one, comes out next week.
Can you tell I like Miyuki?
Well, good cause I do.
Current Figure Wishlist:
Miku Hatsune Figma
Miku Hatsune Nendoroid
Asuka Maid Ver. (NGE)
MisaMisa PVC 1/8 figure
Nanoha Figma
Saber (Armour Ver) Figma
Currently Seeking Dollfie DD Aoi (£295)
Love love,

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