Off sick + Seperate Blogs

Tuesday, 29 September 2009 |

Off Sick + Seperate Blogs

I'm off college sick today. I went to bed last night with a weezy chest and managed to fall straight asleep. But then woke up about 10 minutes later, gasping for air because I had stopped breathing. I went to go and see if my mom was awake, but she wasn't so I told my stepdad, Rob, and he gave me his inhaler to use. It helped ^^ (thanks Rob <3)
My mom bought me a muffin ^^ Yum Yum.
She also told me we are going to Build-A-Bear this afternoon so we can all get a bear to celebrate us moving and all the hard work we've put into this house (we have converted the whole loft!) ^^
Right, so, seperate blogs. I've decided this blog is getting over crowded with all my stuff about my life, and my cosplay, and my figures. So I've made this blog my life blog, and two others into my cosplay and figure blogs.
Cosplay blog:
Figure blog:
I'll post on here when I have updated each blog. Though, the other two won't be updated as much as this one because I don't cosplay all the time and I don't get figures all the time. So yea, seperate blogs!
Love Love,

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