Awesome day and new figure!

Saturday, 26 September 2009 |

Awesome Day and New Figure!

I went to town this morning with my family. We went into the Underground Clothing store in the Bargate centre and they had the most adorable dress ever in the sale rack. So I tried it on and it fit except the zip was broken! I was like, about to cry cause this dress looked so cute on me! ;w; So yea, I was really upset. So my mom took us to Primark and I got new underwear and some awesome socks with little bows on them. Then we went over to Forbidden Planet and I bought a Noriko Takaya figure. She's from Gunbuster.

She has really nice legs.
Like, really long, lovely legs.
Lovely *u*
So yea, and now I am all dressed up, ready to go out with Miku-chan tonight ^^ He's taking me out for dinner, isn't that sweet of him?
Gotta go clean my room now! ><
Love Love,
FreyaFreya ♥

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