The girl who blogs too much

Friday, 25 September 2009 |

The girl who blogs too much

Hehe, I have jellybeans. ^^
Mikey seems to have some sort of psychic connection to me. It's kinda cool. We first noticed when he said "Feel better." when I was ill but I hadn't even told him! And yesterday, he said I was wearing stripy socks and I was! Today he asked if I was wearing light blue and I have on my blue and white striped top ^^ He also predicted I was wearing a black top the other day and somehow knew I was looking at my chat logs to find out what he was going to give me.
It's kinda freaky but totally awesome too!
It's really comforting writing a blog. It lets me get out things that might be bothering me or whatever and I don't really care who reads it. I love you guys ♥
I've also been looking at lolita skirts! I was viewing the "Dressing Down For Daily Wear" blog over at Lolita Charm ♥ and decided to start making some cute skirts for college and everyday wear. I'm also ordering my first pair of lolita shoes from Bodyline ♥
Also! I'm looking for a Lolita Penpal, I've posted on the LJ community LolitaLetters. If you are interested, go there and find my email address.

Current Figure Wishlist:
Miku Hatsune Figma
Miku Hatsune Nendoroid
Asuka Maid Ver. (NGE)
MisaMisa PVC 1/8 figure
Nanoha Figma
Saber (Armour Ver) Figma
Currently Seeking Dollfie DD Aoi (£295)

Love Love,

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