Say Hello to Nekomon!

Sunday, 27 September 2009 |

Say Hello To Nekomon!

Hehe, as you all know I went to the car boot sale this morning. I got:
2 Pokemon Plushies - Raichu and Squirtle
A Gameboy Colour - Purple ^^
A Pokemon game that is really weird, kinda like a Mario set up but you play as Pikachu.
And some Pokemon cards ^^

Yea, on to the cool part of my day. At 1:30pm I met up with Miku-chan =D We went back to the house to wake up Ken and Vicky. That took a little while... But we soon left the house to head over to West Quay to Build-A-Bear. It was so cute in there! All the little teddies and the clothes ^^ But... the dinosaur Vicky wanted wasn't there. So we headed over to Toys R Us to see if there was a dinosaur there. And there was! A huge one! So Ken bought it for her, how sweet ^^ And Miku bought me a little orange kitty we called Nekomon. (Neko = Cat, Mon = from Pokemon, cause we decided he looks like one. A retarded one!) So after we went back home and started to watch Pan's Labyrinth. It looks really weird but I might watch it. But I really enjoyed today. It's really nice to finally have friends near me. But I really miss Mikey and Nik. Mikey will always be my best friend and Nik will always be my sweetie pie.
I love you both so much and I love my new friends Miku, Ken and Vicky!

Love love,

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