A proper post that isn't about figures.

Thursday, 24 September 2009 |

A Proper Post That Isn't About Figures

Cosplay updates:
Bexi's Ball Gown - Almost finished!! We bought a new sewing machine today that makes it so much easier to work with slippery fabric. Will come in handy when using silks to make kimono.
Music Notes Lolita Dress - Fabric bought, pattern bought. The accessories are finished, didn't take long XD

I'm really excited about Expo, though not very excited about having to get up at 5am >< We are travelling with the SAS on the 6:55am train. Very interesting...
I'll be coming home with lots of anime merch. and will be all sweaty from the dance machines. (Note to self: Must get £10 in £1 coins and bring deo!)

I'm spending a long weekend at Nik's on the 9th. Ah, relaxation... Well, as relaxing as watching anime and walking dogs gets. At least I'll be getting excerise. (I need to get down to a size 14 by next October. Tips?) And I get to chat with his lovely mom again, she is such a dear. I do miss Nik very much though, I can't wait to be snuggled in his arms again *lovestrucksighplz*

zOMG! I'm seeing my Oniichan next weekend!!! I miss him so much ;w; ♥ ♥ ♥ It'll be like old timesssss!!11one Singing on HSM Sing It! and playing on my new dance mats. ♥ I LOVES YOU MY ONIICHAN!!!! ♥

The newest friend in my life, Mark, who I call Miku because of his great love for the pop princess Hatsune Miku-chan. We both share that love actually XD We are Miku and Mikuo Hatsune ^^ Hopefully, next October we will be going to Expo as Miku and Mikuo Hatsune.

Current Figure Wishlist:
Miku Hatsune Figma
Miku Hatsune Nendoroid
Asuka Maid Ver. (NGE)
MisaMisa PVC 1/8 figure
Nanoha Figma
Saber (Armour Ver) Figma
Currently Seeking Dollfie DD Aoi (£295)

Love Love,

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