Christmas Haul!

Friday, 1 January 2010 |

My ring from Mikey. It has pink mother of pearl in the middle.

A Hello Kitty digital camera that I'll use for trips and events.

It has a Hello Kitty Mp3 player inside it but it doesn't work anymore.

Earrings from my Dad. They're from Tiffany, New York. They say "Please Return to Tiffany&Co, New Yeak [826]"

A new compact mirror with gems on it. I love this so much

A big photo of stuff. A few pairs of earrings, some pearl hair clips, peticure kit, markers, scarf and glove set, a mug, a ring from Mikey, nail varish, a big jawbreaker and chocolates.

A close up of my pearl hair clips.

I got a lot of nice stuff for Christmas, including a new phone (LG KP501 "Cookie"), and had a lovely day with my family.
I also saw my friend Dave the day after Boxing Day. :3
We had a lovely day together, went for lunch, a walk in the park, had a few games on the dance machine and enjoyed some yummy hot milkshakes from Shakeaway. I really enjoyed it and I hope he comes around again soon. <3
Dave's Flickr
And finally New Years came around. We spent it with some friends, had nibbles and I took a walk in the dark to work it off. We stayed up until midnight drinking and playing Buzz TV Quiz then Mikey rang and we saw the New Year in together.
Akemashite Omedeto!
New Years Resolutions:
- To keep up with my project, Project 365
- To save up enough money for a new camera
- To buy at least one brand lolita dress
- To lose enough to fit into my one brand lolita dress

I hope everyone had a brilliant Christmas and have a fun and memorable 2010!

Love Love,

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