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Thursday, 7 January 2010 |

This JSK is one that is available from FanPlusFriend, priced $116.

Now, I bet your thinking "Why the hell did she put that there?" and I only did that because it's a really really nice JSK. However, I want to focus on the picture that is to the left. My next project is going to be based on this JSK. I'll be making one similar to it to go with the theme of "Tea Party". The shape will be the same, minus the ruffles at the top. Instead of the diamond and heart shapes, I'll be sewing on teacup and cupcake silhouettes in a blue coloured fabric. I've chosen that colour because I actually have already made a blue teacup headdress to go with the dress.

No makeup D: Beware

I made this headband with a tea set I bought from Early Learning Centre. I just hot glued the teacup to the saucer, hot glued a spoon in and decorated with some brown faux flowers I bought from Fabric Land. The whole thing is mounted on a piece of white felt with embroidery anglais edging around it. Then it was hot glued to a simple clear plastic headband. Looks cute, huh? It's so easy and only cost me around £10 to make. So that headdress is the reason why I chose blue for the silhouettes on the dress. Next I'll talk about the bows. The bows will be made from Cupcakes Blue, Fabricland £2.99 per meter, and edged with white lace. The bottom of the dress will have gathered fabric around the edge and the neckline will have white lace on. All of the ribbon edging will be a brown like the flowers on the headdress (that colour's gotta go somewhere, right?).
First project explanation complete! On to the next...

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