What I'm Currently Working On Part 3

Saturday, 30 January 2010 |

This edition is all about, you guessed it, COSPLAY!

The two cosplays I am working on right now are Remilia Scarlet (left) and Tsukasa Hiiragi (right) which are being made for debut at London MCM Expo in May. But, not only will I be cosplaying these two very cute characters, I will be PLAYING them. It is my goal this time around to have the way both characters act and talk down before Expo so I can bring these two characters to life. So if you see me during Expo, I will either be sweetly rude or adorably clumsy ^^
Remilia's cosplay will be made from light pink cotton and red cotton with wire and faux leather wings.
Tsukasa's cosplay will be made from white blouse cotton, red suiting fabric, white cotton ribbon, pink cotton, yellow cotton, store bought white socks and store bought shoes.
Progress pictures will be posted on Cosplay-Chan @ DeviantART which is also where I deal with commissions.

I'd also like to say a special thank you to all of my new followers and for your kind words on my post "In Reply To: In Defence of Princesses". I hope you all enjoy my future posts and thank you again!

Love Love,
Princess FreyaFreya

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