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Sunday, 10 January 2010 |

After reading Lolita Charm's January Style Tips, I decided I'd post some tips of my own to keep my fellow British Princesses warm and cosy in the sudden chill.

1. Say goodbye to frozen toes and look at these cute slippers from Primark. These are perfect to keep your twinkly toes warm and they look nice with a gold tiara too!
2. Got a blouse with removable sleeves? Stick those suckers back on there! I've found that people tend to leave them off most of the time. So pull on those sleeves and keep warm against the chill.
3. Go out and get yourself a cute coat! With the January sales looming, now is the perfect time to search for that total bargain find!
4. Now's the time to save energy so instead of turning up that radiator, let's wrap ourselves up with our favourite cardigans. Layers, layers, layers!
5. Use this time to try out fun and yummy hot drinks. My favourite is making Galaxy hot chocolate and adding cinnamon and mini marshmallows. If you're old enough to drink (or your parents permit you to) try adding some Bailey's to your hot cocoa for an extra warm drink.
6. Don't say lazy! (See what I did there?) Get your blood flowing and do some exercise. Wii fit has plenty of cool options or just simply get up and do some early spring cleaning.
7. Snow is made from water and water is styled hair's worst enemy. Jazz up your favourite outfit with a fun hat or bonnet. Or if covering up your hair isn't the way to go, earmuffs are adorable and come in every colour, shape and theme under the clouds!

So there are my top tips for winter, even if you aren't Lolita. Keeping warm is the key in the Big Freeze (it's that bad, there's even a name for it!). So princesses (or princes!), get warm, be active and enjoy the snow while it's here!

Love Love,

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