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Sunday, 20 December 2009 |

Ohlalalala lalalala!

Christmas is my absolute favourite holiday. I LOVE FAIRY LIGHTS!
My bedroom isn't very Christmas-y this year, because of the fact that I have had no money for the Christmas holidays. But after Christmas, I'm going to turn my bedroom into a pink and princessy wonderland! I'll be trading my bunk bed for a single bed and making a canopy to go over my bed. I need some new bits, like a duvet cover (Hello Kitty of course), a laundry bin, posters, cushions, fairy lights (= loveeee <3).I'll be making over my desk to be a dressing table. I inherited an antique dressing table set from my great-grandmother because she left us (Rest in peace my Nanna). It has a 2 brushes, a comb and a hand mirror. The back of each item (except for the comb) has a beautiful blue rose on it.
I might get a little bookcase too for my copies of G&LB, various books, my journal, my Dream Book (I'll explain what that is later) and to put photo frames on. But yea, back to Christmas.
My Wishlist for this year:

  • A new phone (Pink LG Cookie)
  • Alice In Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass
  • A digital camera
  • Some Hello Kitty stuff (Hello Kitty Secret Pillow from Argos <3)
  • Some new phone straps
  • Kamikaze Girls (Both the movie and the book)
  • Some more G&LB <3
What do you want for Christmas? I wish I had the money to get a new outfit but sadly I don't.
Some daily outfits for you (Sorry about the red eye orz):

Daily Outfits 22nd December 2009 & 24th December 2009
  • Blouse: Matalan/Top: Mom's
  • Skirt: Primark/Skirt: Primark
  • Necklace: Gift from Mom/Hairbow: Handmade - "Tartan Bows" fabric £3.99
  • Socks (Not Pictured): New Look/Socks: New Look

This will probably be my last post until after New Years so...

And have a lovely New Year.

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