International Lolita Day!

Monday, 7 December 2009 |

On Saturday, I had some of my lovely lolita girlfriends over for a day of crafty fun! But first, some information about International Lolita Day:
International Lolita Day, or "LoliDay", is a bi-annual event that takes place on the first Saturdays of both June and December. These dates were chosen so lolitas could show off their fun switch between summer and winter clothing. Usually on these days, lolitas would meet up and do fun lolita activities such as making cakes, crafts, watching movies, shopping, photoshoots etc. Since I celebrated my first LoliDay in winter, we stayed in an each took to our own unique crafts and all had something to take home at the end (except Steph, her's got messed up but I'm going to fix it for her and give it to her soon ^^).

We took loads of pictures on the day of everything we did. I made a hair comb partly using a tutorial in G&LB vol. 5 (TokyoPop Ver.). Miss Vicci made a Ragamuffin of her fiance Ken with the help of Miss Steph. Miss Zoe made a plushie bunny which was absolutely adorable! Miss Titanya also made a Ragamuffin ^^
Next LoliDay will include a trip to Paris for the day to visit the BABY, The Stars Shine Bright store! How exciting!
And now, pictures!

More and bigger pictures are available on my Flickr page:
I hope you all had a wonderful LoliDay!
Love Love,

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