Hitting The Books + A Lot Less Loli-Babble

Monday, 29 March 2010 |

Hello everyone! *hugs all* I've missed you so much!
The reason for my strange lack of posts this time is that I just haven't had anything to write about!
Now, I don't know how many of you read out there, like books-wise, but I thought I'd share my current read with you. One of my favourite authors of all time is Belinda Jones. I've previously read her book "Divas Las Vegas" and it was so fun! I loved it so much, I've read it twice! So I went on a search for more and picked up "The California Club" and "Cafe Tropicana" at a charity shop. I'm currently plowing through The California Club and it is a really great read. I might even post a review if you're interested.

On to the next topic...

Although I do love lolita fashion bunches, I've kind of discovered my own fashion through it. It's kind of a mix of lolita and decora with a pair of jeans (at least, right now it is as it's still a bit cold here). So I might start posting a lot more on my own little fashion on here for you guys to enjoy. For now, here is a picture of my newly dyed red hair with a super cute hairband!

My hair actually looks brown but whatever, it's red
And yay for glasses!
That headband is from a 99p store. Isn't it cute? I've got them in pink, blue and yellow.

Pigtails are awesome ♥

Have a great week! Spring break!!

Miss Freya x

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