The Expected "Alice" Post

Monday, 15 March 2010 |

That's right, Princess Freya saw Alice In Wonderland.

And was VERY disappointed.

I'm not going to go into great detail as to why I was disappointed, because it would make this post very long. So I'll just touch on some of the things that made it a bad experience for me.

  • When Alice says "Curiouser and curiouser...", for some reason, I cringed. Almost as if it was painful to hear the quote from the book being placed in what I knew would be a bad adaptation of said book.
  • There weren't any riddles! It was very straightforward. As Alice rightly pointed out in the movie, she had been told to do everything and that sort of carried on throughout the movie, even after she stated that.
  • The Mad Hatter was quite as mad as I expected. And seemed to almost have fallen in love with Alice at the end. NO
  • And what was with the Hatter's accent change every 10 seconds? 
  • The place Alice visited in this movie was referred to as "Underland"... why wasn't the movie called "Alice In Underland"? (Perhaps that would have killed all of the confusion and it would have stood out as it's own original story, like it pretty much was anyway.)
  • The dog. What the heck was he there for? (The same could be said for the Red Queen's "right hand man" (put in quotes because of the irony that he always kissed her right hand) why was he there?)
End of discussion. I will now prepare to get eaten by rabid Alice fans who actually liked the movie.

Have a nice week!

Princess Freya x

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