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Sunday, 7 March 2010 |

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Yesterday was brilliant. Not only was the weather fantabulous, but going to Portsmouth's Historic Dockyard uncovered a wonderful opportunity for me. I visited their Georgian-style Tearoom. The Georgian is a lovely, light tearoom attached to an Antiques Storehouse (which we had a peek into as well, some really grand things in there) where they have a range of wonderful leaf teas, coffees, cakes and sandwiches, perfect for a spot of afternoon tea. I indulged in a lovely Rose Oolong tea (2 sugars and a dash of milk) while Dave went for the smokey Gunpowder tea (black, with a sugar to chew on after) in some fine white teacups. 
My Rose Oolong Tea :)

We did plan to have a slice of cake, but completely forgot! Perhaps our tummies weren't feeling it. But it was a really lovely experience and the tea was simply divine! I will have to see if Whittard Of Chelsea has a similar tasting tea for me to have at home. And of course, I'll get a traditional teapot (probably a 2-cup one. We own a 6-cup Victorian one already) to make my leaf tea in! Lovely, lovely! 
I will be arranging a Lolita Tea Party at some point, I can't wait for it! 

Anyway, we also visited the Spinnaker Tower! Well, we stood outside of it and took pictures!  
I love how blue the sky looks!

But yea, I had a super Saturday! I love going out and about with Dave, it's so fantastic ! I'll be adding more pictures to this post soon, including one of me carrying the tea tray like a little maid-chan, so keep checking back! 
Also, I have my college interview tomorrow for my Fashion and Design course! Wish me luck guys!

Have a wonderful week!

Princess Freya x

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