Lucky Day!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010 |

I've finally been paid! A nice wad of cash was transferred into my account this morning, a lovely £269! What did I do first? Shop, of course! I bought myself a new Hello Kitty duvet cover,  a handful of new hair accessories, a new lampshade, some new make up and a pink watering can! I'm lucky to have a room that gets a considerable amount of sunlight so what better to do then brighten up my room with a flower growing on the windowsill? With the rest of the money, I'm going to buy fabric for my Remilia and Reimu cosplays and some to make a new JSK :D And if I have enough left over, an iPod Touch!! YAY!

Also, I found my favourite ring! It was given to me by Mikey for Christmas and I'd lost it about 2 months ago. But it's back on my finger where it belongs and it's never coming off again.

I certainly hope everyone else is having a lovely day and is looking forward to the weekend!

Princess Freya x

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