Easter Greetings!

Sunday, 4 April 2010 |

Happy Easter my wonderful readers!!
I got a Hello Kitty Easter egg this year. And a Hello Kitty egg cup! Kawaii!

A sneaky peek at my bed with my Easter goodies~
That's my laptop, with my Remilia background ^o^

My egg cup! Kitty-chan is stood on the base. It's so awesome!

This notebook came with the egg. Isn't it sweet?

Chuu~ So I'm donning my bunny ears and heading off to the fair today! Yay! If only I had a lolita dress, maybe I'd have a photoshoot! Oh well. Jeans it is!

Hope you're having a smashing Easter! I am thinking about holding a giveaway soon. Maybe offering one of those cute bear headbands that caught your attention!

Miss Freya~ x

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