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Thursday, 15 April 2010 |

Ok, I thought I'd just post some of the fun things that have happened lately.

I got my wig for my Remilia cosplay in the post the other day! I ordered it from a seller on eBay called WigFever and I must say, their service is amazing. I was really quite scared about ordering from them, especially because I couldn't find any reviews on the internet about them, but their feedback seemed good and the wig was cheap so I gave it a go. It is well worth the £16 I paid for it. The colour is amazing (the strands are a mix between lavender and silver), it's incredibly soft and thick, it's perfect! Here's a picture of me in the uncut and unstyled wig:

I can't say I much like the colour on me, but it's a lovely wig.

I also went to stay at my very good friend Robbie's house for a few days! I had such a good time and his family (and him, himself) are very very sweet people. I just can't wait to visit again!
He's created a "soundcase", which is a suitcase containing 2 hifi speakers, a lot of wires and some other random computery bits. On the outside of the case is volume control, inputs for microphones, a switch to turn it on and off and 8 light bulbs. The lights flash in time with the music! How cool is that? Well, we took this soundcase to a canal close to him for a picnic, played some awesome music and did a random Caramelldansen. It was so much fun! We're planning to take this to the London MCM Expo in May as well! Yay! We also went to the arcade, took random photos, played Project Diva (which, for my first time I was surprisingly good at), sat in his garden (his neighbour had a sakura tree so we sat near it like the Japanese do for hanami - flower viewing - and it was lovely) and did other random stuffs :3

Pretty sakura~

Um yea, that pretty much the only things of interest at the moment. I'm off now to get some rest.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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Miss Freya x

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