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Due to my recent discovery of being minorly allergic to plastic, I've been forced to indulge in some new earphones. I decided to have a look in Asda, since I was there food shopping anyway. I quickly found my perfect earphones. Comfortable, silicone JVC Gumys. They were on offer for 2 for £10, so I picked up a pair of funky green ones and a pair of white ones, with a special plan in mind for the white ones.

After looking though what bits I had left in my deco boxes, this is what was made out of those white earphones:

Those ponies are from some hairclips I bought that broke.

A close up of one of the earphones.

Cute, huh? I was going to deco them, with really really small rhinestones but I didn't have enough pink ones left! Time to order some more ^^;

That was basically all I wanted to update on this time. I did have an outfit post and a JapFashion post for you, but my mom formatted my camera and I can't find the graphics for the JapFashion post. Sooooo, you'll just have to wait.

I do have this, however, which I really really want!

I saw this walking past Peacocks the other day! I love it!!!
I think I remember seeing something like this in Popteen as well. 
Or some other JapFashion Mag.

Anyway, that's all for today!

Over and out! ;D

Freya x

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