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Sunday, 6 June 2010 |

...Don't you?

Last weekend was London MCM Expo! I had a fantastic time, despite only going for the Saturday. There I met up with my best friend Robbie, who brought his two friends PJ and Wesley, and I also had Dave with me too (who ran off chasing cosplayers with his big camera most of the day, but I didn't mind). So, some photos!

A few of us from the Touhou group. 
(Left to right: Robbie as Lyrica Prismriver, Me as Remilia Scarlet, Reimu Hakurei, Youmu Konpaku and Wesley as Remilia Scarlet. I can't remember where I got the image from ><;)

My favourite photo of me, even though it is over exposed ^^;
I'm hugging my new Reimu and Miku plushies!!
Photo by Robbie

Caramelldansen time! My hat was falling off and it was raining.
This one was taken by Dave

This is the Soundcase, which Robbie made. 
Each of those circles are lights, which are really bright and work as a VU meter for the music.
The music comes out of two speakers on the inside of the suitcase. The whole thing can be plugged into any device with a headphone input on it. It's powered by a motorcycle battery.

A sneaky photo of me and Robbie taken by Wesley. 
We were on the way to Trocadero in Piccadilly Circus to visit the arcade~

Yea, so we went and bought stuff, hung outside and got rained on, went to my friend Saffie's hotel room in the Ibis, then took the tube to Troc. I bought the two plushies, Reimu and Miku and two Touhou-based doujinshis. PJ brought me a Rin Kagamine petite nendoroid from a convention he went to where he lives (Him and Wesley are Dutch). I was a little moody when we got to Troc, because my feet were killing me (they were actually bleeding when I got home from my 4 inch Bodyline heels) but I still managed to have a go on the DDR machine and play against Robbie on Percussion Master (One of my favourite parts of the whole day!). And after it all, I said a sad goodbye to Robbie, PJ, Wesley, Saffie and her boyfriend Anton and headed back to Waterloo with Dave. ;w; I miss them all so much already.

Also, I wanted to ask. How many of you own an iPod Touch or iPhone? I own an iPod Touch 2g and was thinking of doing some app reviews on cute and fun apps! I came across quite a few today and am itching to tell someone about them!! Let me know by commenting~

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and, for those of us in school or college, a lovely half term!

Over and out! ;D
Freya x

Coming up next: Cute findings in Fashionland and possible app reviews!  

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