Who's been a bad blogger?

Wednesday, 26 May 2010 |

I have! I'm so super sorry for not posting in a few days. My internet got cut off because the bill wasn't paid D=
In my absence, I've become addicted to Sex and the City. I'm taking my mom to see the new movie next Wednesday so I thought I'd watch a bit to catch up on the story. And I can't stop watching.
I can't get over how close MCM Expo is now. I'm so super excited and my nails look so sexy painted red for my cosplay. Mmm <3
I got a letter from a college I applied to today. You may remember from this post that I already got accepted at a college but I got told I'd have to do an art course definately in order to one day do fashion design. So, I applied for another course at another college to see if I could get in. Well, as I mentioned, I got a letter from them. Unfortunately, it was to reject me from the college. It said that they had a large amount of applicants to the college and that I wasn't able to attend this year.
Now, I'm faced with a decision. I've looked at all of the other colleges in the area and there are no other courses that I'm interested in doing. Do I go and do the art course? Or do I take a gap year, get a job and apply again next year? I'd like to know what you would do! Since you guys are so awesome <3

Also, I just came across the giveaway over at "Moments like Diamonds" called the "Bad Blogger" giveaway. How fitting for this post?! So click over and join in! Awesome! The prizes are so super cute. I want them! >w<

That's me off. Enjoy the rest of your week and your weekend!
Over and out! ;D

Freya x

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