2 weeks to go...

Friday, 14 May 2010 |

Well, technically there's 15 days but it's really not a long time until May MCM Expo! I'm so super excited!
My cosplay for this time is Remilia Scarlet from Touhou Project. I've only got one due to lack of money.
But still it's going really well!

(All photos can be clicked to view bigger)
This is the front of my skirt! The ruffles on the bottom were really annoying!

And the back, with a giant butt eating bow. The bow can be detached on one side to access the zip.
Nifty, eh?

The wig and hat! Please excuse my flumpy makeup-less face.
You may remember the wig from this post.

I'll be working on the shirt today. Hopefully to completion! Then I'll update with lovely pictures for you all. 
By the way, to those who said they wanted the Hello Kitty Flexi-Keyboard from my desk post, I noticed a few pop up on eBay the other day while I was browsing for a new mouse. Get in quick!
But be warned, it's kinda hard to type on. ^^;;

Edit: So UK readers, are any of you going to London MCM Expo? And other readers, do you go to conventions?
Do you cosplay? Or just dress up?
Let me know in the comments!

Anyway, have a good weekend guys and gals!

Over and out! ;D

Freya x

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