A Quick Outfit Post

Wednesday, 5 May 2010 |

I decided to try decora for a change, for the Tokyopop ReCon that was in town this evening. I had an amazing time and met some lovely people. I even started a Caramelldansen line! <3

Accessories: Primark and Poundland
Tops: Primark
Jacket: Thrifted
Skirt: Handmade
Bag: Gift

I made use of my purple wig. A lot of people that I knew that went didn't even recognise me. I was a while new person!

Close up of my face~
Necklaces: Primark
Wig: WigFever
Clips: Poundland, Claire's, 99p Store
Tiara: Primark
Weird Glasses Things: Primark

The pink top I'm wearing under the purple one is totally cute. It has a butterfly on the back! I love it <3

Well, that's all for now, since I'm tired.
Have a good rest of the week guys!!

Over and out! ;D
Freya x

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