Inactivity Strikes!

Monday, 9 August 2010 |

I just can't keep up in the blogosphere right now! I'm not really that busy either so there is no excuse! I recently celebrated my 17th birthday, in which I had my good friend Brendon over for birthday fun and Chinese-style nommies. We played a lot of video games o.o
I also did a cosplay photoshoot with my friend Zoe, in my Remilia Ver.2 cosplay. I had A LOT of fun doing that and playing with different poses. I hope to have her photograph me again in my Cirno cosplay. She's a brilliant photographer and apparently, I'm very photogenic. Here's one of the shots from the shoot.

I love this shot ^^ It shows off my nice new wings.
Based on this pose.

Due to the disappearance of Riku and my mom not wanting me to be lonely, I was given a small bundle of joy called Miu. Here's a photo of her, snapped by Dave:
Sleepy Neko-chan <3

I am also preparing and organising a cosplay picnic meet up for next week! It's going to be so fantastic!!

I've set up a Tumblr account now, which I will post on when I'm not posting on here. Go there for lots of cute and interesting stuffs!

Psst - Check out this Tsubasa-themed giveaway over at Finding Tokyo! Some cute nail stuffs up for grabs, including a bottle of Tsubasa's new Dolly Wink nail polish! =O 

Freya x

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