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Sunday, 1 August 2010 |

Hello! I'm back from my holiday. I forgot to post my hiatus post before I left and my grandmother doesn't have internet in her house! Lame! Actually, it was quite nice to unplug for a while and relax in the beautiful county of Surrey~
But, I did go shopping while I was away. I had some extra cash so I bought lots of lovely goodies!

I love this top! It's so comfy and looks great with shorts or leggings.
I do tend to leave a trail of glitter behind though.

This maxi dress is soooo lovely and long. I plan to wear it underneath a yellow t-shirt with red edging.

These shorts are amazing. I was so thrilled to find a pair in my size! Plus, the rip on the side looks like a kitty cat to me.
These are also quite awesome. So simple but nice and cool as they are linen.

I also bought a pink and white baggy striped top, a yellow crop top with black sailboats and airplanes on it and the top mentioned in this post. I love shopping.

I love music. I love it more than I love fashion. Which is why I'm going to post here my top 5 Songs of the Summer! I strongly suggest you check out each of these amazing artists!

Top 5 Songs of the Summer:

So there you go, some awesome new music for you to listen to or maybe some repeated favourites! I love to sing my heart out when I'm on the road with Dave. It's so much fun! We like to belt out Fireflies by Owl City like mad people. Love it!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer! My summer so far has been a small holiday and BIG decisions. But I'm happy with the choices I have finally made. 

Freya x

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