Goodbye, My Sweet Kitten

Wednesday, 14 July 2010 |

My sweet, darling cat

Today, I am sad to announce the disappearance of my cat, Riku. We are unsure if he is dead or alive, no one in the area has seen him. We were never bad to him, he was always well fed and looked after and I loved him to pieces. He was my baby and the one thing I knew would always love me, even when no one else did. Sadly, he has left me. I can only hope that he is still among us but living near railway tracks, a large river and main roads has left me with no hope. Maybe I will hear him crying at my window again someday soon.
I hope you will enjoy these photos in his memory.

He loved being the centre of attention and therefore loved the camera.
He was is my world. He will always be my baby and no one will ever replace him.

Good-bye, Riku.

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