Wet but still sparkly!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009 |

Wet but Still Sparkly!

It's been awfully rainy lately =( Where did you go Mr.Sun?
I made a new headband today. I'll update with pictures later. It was based off of a headband that can be bought from SickForCute, called the Hair Candy Headband.
There is some adorable stuff on that website. I'm gunna ask my mom for some of the stuff in the sale for Christmas.
This site was reviewed by: Megan @ http://makelovely.wordpress.com/ Check out her blog for more lovely lolita goodies. She's got some super cute stuff on there!
I'm so tired. It's cold outside too. Good thing I only have 2 more hours of this torture then I can go home and make more lovely lolita accessories. =D

Wow, a lot of lolita babble today.

Love Love,

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