The DSi was a failure... GIVE IT UP NINTENDO!

Thursday, 29 October 2009 |

The DSi was a failure... GIVE IT UP NINTENDO!

Today on was the (sad, sad) annoucement of the new DSi LL, due to be released in Japan on November 21st. Europe won't get it until April ~ May 2010 (thank god -_-;) It will weigh EXACTLY 100g more than the DSi and 96g more than the DS Lite (I didn't actually know the DS Lite weighed more...) I think the only good thing is that the screen is bigger and probably a faster CPU for better graphics on games.
My little DS Lite is just right for me, only it lags a little when I play fast paced games like Rhythm Paradise, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Cooking Mama 2 and even Nintendogs. But it's nice and light, a good size screen, compact and it's pink ^^
I'm sick of Nintendo's unneccessary upgrades to their products. They should have left the DS as it was when they made the DS Lite. God help us if they decide to make a new Wii console... -_-;


FFS, I just sat down to type and the bloody Xbox finished copying.
I give up.

Love Love,

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