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Tuesday, 27 October 2009 |

Otaku Frilly Babe

I went to the London MCM Expo this weekend. It was absolutely amazing! All the cosplayers! O.O
I adored meeting all the brilliant cosplayers and seeing all the lovely costumes. There were some Resident Evil cosplayers going around scaring everyone. One girl got chased by the guy because she screamed and ran away. It was horrible for her but a right laugh for everyone else!
I went with my mom, my sister and the SAS.

This is what I wore. I made this dress with my mom. It was so warm and comfy to wear. It was a lovely puffy dress. No petticoat required! And it fits Mikey, though it's a little short to be lolita on Mikey...
My sister went as Mew Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew. She kept getting stopped by everyone for pictures! Someone wanted a picture as soon as we got off the train at Waterloo!
This is the part of the SAS we travelled with.
The first one is our Miku! That's Mark! It's a trap!
Isn't he lovely? He looked so cute in his outfit, if only he had the pigtails and a leek! You could tell that he was missing his leek because he kept moving his arm up and down. Poor Miku-chan!

Captain Jack Sparrow, The Giant Death Note and a lovely lolita girl!
Well, that's all for today ^^ More later.
Love Love,

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