New Comment Form + Outfit Post

Sunday, 18 July 2010 |

I noticed lately a lot of bloggers are switching over to the DISQUS comment form. I too have jumped on the bandwagon so that I can reply to all of your lovely comments.
This also means that previous comments have been deleted =< *epicsadface*
They didn't import properly.
So if you left a comment with a question or something you wanted me to reply to, please go back and post it and I will reply very soon!

Today, I am going on a picnic with my family. This is part of our whole new "get active" thingy. (As if blogging isn't exercise enough! Haha!) I thought I'd get a little dressed up for lazing on the grass on a blanket so I did and this is what I came up with!

 I love that nail polish, don't you just LOOOOVE that nail polish?
Top: Thrifted, originally from H&M
Shorts: (not shown) Borrowed from my trendy mommy <3
Headband: H&M

I tried to do some gyaru-inspired make up and I think I failed. My blush isn't showing up in the pictures either T_T
Make-up Rundown (for those who care):
Mascaras: Avon Astonishing Lengths, Maybelline "The Falsies", Rimmel Max Volume Flash
Eyeliners: Avon Kohl Liner and Wet 'n' Wild Mega Liner
Foundation: Rimmel Lasting Finish Minerals
Concealer: Rimmel Hide the Blemish
Blush: Avon True Colour Blush in Peony Pink
Lipstick: Unknown brand in Naked

What do you think of it? I tried T_T

Freya x

Goodbye, My Sweet Kitten

Wednesday, 14 July 2010 |

My sweet, darling cat

Today, I am sad to announce the disappearance of my cat, Riku. We are unsure if he is dead or alive, no one in the area has seen him. We were never bad to him, he was always well fed and looked after and I loved him to pieces. He was my baby and the one thing I knew would always love me, even when no one else did. Sadly, he has left me. I can only hope that he is still among us but living near railway tracks, a large river and main roads has left me with no hope. Maybe I will hear him crying at my window again someday soon.
I hope you will enjoy these photos in his memory.

He loved being the centre of attention and therefore loved the camera.
He was is my world. He will always be my baby and no one will ever replace him.

Good-bye, Riku.

Popteen: August Issue + Thrifting

Thursday, 8 July 2010 |

Click here to view scans!

In Popteen's August issue, they feature an interview with the beautiful singer Kana Nishino, the voice behind the amazing song Best Friend. This outfit of hers is absolutely amazing! It has a mori-gal feel to it. It just so happened I found a lacy top like that in Primark today, in the form of a cardigan with an invisible zip. I only wish I'd taken a photo of it! It was so cute!
I also recommend Primark mode-gal finds! There is TONS of cheap (price-wise of course, not cheap-looking!) gal-worthy items in there. As soon as I get my paycheck, I'm going in to stock my wardrobe for the summer!

The art of thrifting - going into a charity store (thrift store) and buying something nice to make into something fabulous! Currently, this is one of my favourite things to do. I love going around all the charity stores with my mom. I've picked up loads of cute stuff from them. I recently bought a pink and white candy striped tank top and a yellow and white summer dress. Both are amazing and in such good condition! Plus, I feel super good afterwards, I've shopped lots and given money to charity. I urge you! Get out there and thrift your heart out!

Sorry for my lack of updates by the way. Again, nothing interesting to say! Plus, I was without internet for almost a week. It was so boring ><;