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Monday, 15 February 2010 |

First, I'd just like to announce that I've changed operating systems. I'm now a Mac user with a reason to go in the Apple Store everytime I'm in town! Haha

Next, I've been tagged by the wonderful Sara over at Moments Like Diamonds to take part in the Beautiful Heart Award! My first tag, yays!

1. List 4 things that keep your inner self beautiful.
2. List 4 things that keep you physically beautiful.
3. Tell us about a precious memory you keep close to your heart. [Optional]
4. Share this award with 5 other people that you think have a beautiful heart too.
5. Link the blogs of the people you chose and link the person's blog who awarded you.
6. Have fun!

4 things that keep my inner self beautiful
My friends
Twitter (helps me share my thoughts)
Fashion Design

4 things that keep me physically beautiful
My makeup and beauty supplies
My mom (she encourages me to be more healthy)
Dance Machines
Cosplay (makes me want to look good to pull off a cosplay better)

A memory I keep close to my heart
I suppose I'll take this chance to share the best Valentine's Day I ever had.
Yesterday, I spent the day with Dave, who I made chocolates for and received some in return. We went into town for the Chinese New Year festival, which included fair ground rides, stalls and a parade with dragons. We wondered up the high street, looking at all the nice stuff in the stalls, got a drink at Starbucks and waited for the parade to start. We then wandered back down the high street to where the rides were and went on one called Froggit, which was lots of fun. Met up with a few of my college buddies and chatted for a bit, then headed over to the arcade as it had started to rain. Had 4 rounds on the dance machine, I was in a hyper mood and having so much fun dancing with him, then went to the Apple Store (We love Apple products), had a drink at Costa then went back to his car. Then we went over to Eastleigh to have dinner at Frankie & Benny's, we shared a pizza, then had some desserts and chatted away. We then came back to my house and chatted some more about my Mac, he showed me some cool apps, then he left and I was sad. It was so much fun!

I'll be tagging:
Caro-Chan from F*** Yeah Lolita
Mikey from RAWR HEHE
Rozu Rose from Rule Of Rose
Ra from Gothic Lolita Sewing and Other Amusements
Victoria from Lolita Charm

Although, needless to say, you all have Beautiful Hearts. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! No "Princess on a Budget" this week, I've got Mikey over for the week. Sorry ^^;

Princess Freya x

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